I have limited availability for consulting work in Fall 2021. My rate is $250/hour. For education and work experience, see my resume.

I primarily work in Rust and have expertise in the following areas:

Cutting-edge and esoteric web tech. I’m well-versed in the API surface of modern browsers, up and down the stack:

Data engineering. I’m experienced in building robust data processing pipelines and creating useful representations of messy source data. I’ve worked with structured and unstructured datasets in finance, geospatial, markets, ad tech, and politics. Most is behind NDAs, but some public examples are:

Technical candidate evaluation. I’m experienced in conducting standard 60 minute, algorithm-focused technical interviews, including over remote code-pairing. I believe that one of the most expensive recruiting mistakes that technical companies make is conducting interviews that are low-signal, test memorization over methods, and frustrate good candidates in the process. If you would like to reduce the recruiting burden on your engineering team or have outside help with technical interview training, let’s talk.

I can be contacted at