What $480 of Gross Revenue Looks Like to Groupon

Paul Butler – February 28, 2011

On Saturday, the Wall St. Journal posted details of an internal Groupon memo that reported $760 million in revenue last year.

The WSJ article came just as I was finishing up a visualization of some data I had collected on Groupon deals, which gives perspective on that massive number in terms of the individual deals.

Each box is a deal. I used height to represent number sold, and width to represent the price. Area is therefore gross revenue, and colour is city for the top 20 cities.

Groupon Sales Visualization

Here is the full, interactive version. It only works in browsers which support SVG.

The 2D-bin-packing was implemented in R and C++, based on code by mackstann. Thanks to my friends Eric and Lisa for feedback on a draft of the visualization.

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